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The best casinos in 2016
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The Best Casinos in 2016

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Do online lotto strategies work?
The online lotto is an inexpensive and exciting game to play. The chances of winning are based on pure luck, as there is no real strategy of predicting the numbers that will be drawn at any given game.
Getting the numbers right is a matter of pure chance. Getting numbers right that bring the maximum in terms of winnings however, will not depend on the lotto game itself but rather on the behavior of other players, who compete for the same numbers as one has chosen.
Statistics have shown that players use birth day dates and certain patterns as common starting points when playing online lotto. When someone buys EuroMillions tickets, they surely wish to win big, however, as the chances are extremely small, players tend to link their winning chances to numbers in their lives that have some sort of meaning.
According to several highly ranked online lottery websites, birthdates and lucky numbers usually come into play far more often than simple random numbers on a lottery ticket. This is shown by the fact that the numbers 1-31 are selected more often, than the numbers above 31.
While the chances of hitting the right numbers are virtually the same in both cases, splitting profits becomes a lot less probable for players who tend to use numbers above 31.
This example is a great hint towards lotto strategies that work: Instead of thinking of numbers, try thinking of player behavior when completing your lottery ticket. The chances are the same but winnings may differ drastically if you’re unique with your system of choosing your numbers.

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