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The best casinos in 2016
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The Best Casinos in 2016

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Best Casinos

Slow Play

With Slow Play, you can create a surprise. Slow play means "slow play with good cards". Suppose you've got on hand preflop AA. According to the general strategies you should with this hand, of course, raise to fill the pot. In slow play but do not yet play of this increase, you want to let the enemy in the belief that you have a bad free slot no deposit in his hand.

Slow Play can be played after the flop, namely, when you have a killer hand. Where a good opponent for him card, it can rise too hot in your favor and you collect more than one game on the protocol by the River Card.

A disadvantage the very best online gaming site may be, if you attract by your slowplay too many players in the pot and everyone happens to want to see what is on the flop. Under certain circumstances, your AA then already underdog (inferior). Play slow with these cards, so you need at any time expect to keep the lower card in the strictly casino site. You must be willing to fold the two aces.

Slow Play you should from time to take with in your tactics, but should not be standard, because the opponents learn quickly.


Watching the enemy

In poker, it is important that you never give your opponent the opportunity to guess your hand, on the other hand it is important that you know the enemy and study. Especially with bad starting hands you have the possibility of staying away game to observe the enemy. You should sit around bored so never, there is always something to do.


    As top described above, you should be able to read the gestures and movements of your opponents and interpreted over time. The more you recognize the player, the better your advantage and make your game.

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